Coaching, Training and Consulting for REALTORS®

Success in real estate requires a powerful mindset and skillset and committed action.
We offer training, coaching and consulting in all of these areas.

Training is task focused. It deals more with skillset than anything. Training answers the question, "how do I..."
Training can be specific to a task (how to hold an effective open house) or to a new perspective on how to produce results in areas where results may be lacking.

Coaching is listening for what's missing in producing results and giving feedback, ideas and criticism to shift the action or mindset. Coaching involves mindset and skillset training with an emphasis on actions - the action to take and how to take those actions. Coaching can also involve accountability.
Consulting is a big picture view aimed at finding solutions for challenges. It includes parts of training and coaching but is more system and structure oriented.

Your Broker May Not be as Invested in Your Success as You Are.*

That's ok. Help is here.

Most real estate agencies make their money on monthly fees and quantity of agents. The 'low cost' agency philosophy is to let you keep more of your money and spend it as you like. So how are you spending it to get better at your profession?

To be successful, agents need to develop skills on building systems for lead generation, negotiation, managing an escrow, providing customer service, developing market knowledge, staying abreast of market changes and new technology and so much more.

These skills are often learned by experience or never fully developed, leading to a huge industry failure rate.
Our training is designed to bridge that gap – to help agents devise and implement the systems and tools required to help their businesses thrive. It’s a full education of all aspects of a real estate business, including mindset and skillset, business philosophy, and practical skills with a deeper understanding of the laws and day to day actions required for business longevity.

It’s what’s been missing in the industry to raise the level of competency and professionalism: Customer centered, service focused, success driven tools for the twenty-first century real estate agent.

One on One

Individual Business Performance and Mindset Coaching

Your needs and challenges addresses on your schedule to keep you focused on what you need to focus on.

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Develop your Skills

Group Training and Coaching for REALTORS®

Classes, masterminds, and group trainings and discussions to support your business growth and success.

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