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Butch and Coey

My business, and my life, is about being of service, making a difference, and helping people create freedom and power in fulfilling their dreams.

And once I created what my life was about, things went in a direction I never could have expected.

In early 2000, I was in a job that didn't inspire me, in a relationship that wasn't working and I was pretty negative and unhappy. Then I started a journey of discovery that expanded what I found to possible for myself and my life. Within two years I started my first business - I got my real estate license. I started to put what I was learning into my business and I have been a top producer ever since.

And being a top producer was never what motivated me - I was motivated by serving others, and my business has always been focused on my clients. Expanding my thinking and opening my eyes to new ideas has changed my experience of life. And I love sharing that with other entrepreneurs and REALTORS® in particular.

I started Draw A Door® Business Coaching to give back what I've learned about creating a life that works, a business that thrives and a world that inspires.

Here's a talk I gave in late 2019 about what it means to Draw A Door®. It was the first public speaking event I've ever done. I've gotten much more relaxed now in front of a crowd.

You may notice I'm a little chunkier in the video than I am today. In October 2020 I started a weight loss program and I've lost over 100 poumds since then. I've changed the way I eat and I used the same principles I coach people on to change my life. If you're looking for weight loss support, I'm happy to share what I've learned and I don't charge for that.

My core philosophies have developed over time, from my over 20 years as a business owner, my work with Landmark Education, my study of transformation thinking, buddhism, spirituality, my avid reading and living in service of others. Read my Foundational Principle For Success.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona USA and live with my husband, Hailin and my chihuahua-pug, Ms Ella Fitzpuppy.
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Draw a Door® Business Coaching will be your access to freedom in your career. Conventional thinking gets you conventional results. There is no one secret to success in real estate. There are no rules to follow, no pre-defined steps to take.
Together, we’ll create an action plan that inspires you and moves you to action. The first call is on me.

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