What Does It Mean To Draw A Door®?

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Ever have the experience of being stuck? You work, you take actions, and things just don’t move fast enough – if they move at all. You may experience frustration, annoyance, or even feel like giving up..

What does it mean to “Draw A Door®?”

Remember the movie Beetlejuice – a comedy about a newly deceased couple whose spirits get stuck in their old house. There’s a scene where they are stuck in the attic, in front of a brick wall with no idea how to get to out. On a nearby table, they see a handbook that says, “in case of emergency, draw a door.” So, they pick up a piece of chalk and they draw a door. And it opens... into a new world.

When you get stuck, can you Draw a Door®?

I believe we all live by a set of (mostly) invisible rules that we didn’t create, we didn’t agree to and we’re blind to the limits they put on our lives. We have rules for how to do things, rules for how life should be, and rules for how life should work.

And we don’t question our rules. It’s just how life is - of course, how life is for me may not be how life is for you, or the next person or the next. Our rules allow us to operate fluidly through life – until they don’t. We are often blind to the limitations our rules have on our ability to make choices in life – and they end up getting in the way of having and achieving what is really important to us.

It’s as if our invisible rules build a wall, a wall that can feel very real, or can be the invisible barrier that keeps us from our goals and dreams on the other side—with no way to get there.

Our rules, our “way it is,” limit our choices, our actions and our opportunities. But, our “way it is” is just one possible “way it is”. What if there really are no rules? What if a small shift of perspective can open new pathways for success? It can.

Drawing a door is identifying the rules that constrain us. Drawing a door is asking “what else is possible?” and creating a new way of thinking and a new pathway to attain our dreams.

Then it’s time to step through the door by taking a new action.

It often requires courage to step, especially when it’s in a direction different than we have been programmed to take. But it can make all the difference.

Draw A Door® Business Coaching is about helping you find and eliminate the rules that keep you from achieving your dreams, to create new pathways for opportunity, and actions to get you there.

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